The Transponders Are Hiding Where?

“What type of Mode S Transponder does Lear 45XR, serial 289 have?” I asked.

“Like I’ve been saying, it’s an integrated avionics suite,” Matt responds.

“Okay… How do I show that? Which is a not-so-savvy way of conveying I have no idea what that means other than the implied meaning that it’s integrated into something else.

“Let me show you.” Matt’s patience is always welcome because I ask him most of my questions and I try really hard not to ask the same question twice, but it does happen on occasion.

He goes on to explain that instead of having a separate display for each piece of avionics, they are wired into one display.

Later on that afternoon, Johnny walks into my office, and I decided to share my new knowledge. He’s also very patient (that’s the theme in the office luckily J).  I realized I was only halfway on the road to actually knowing what RMUs were (what displays all of the integrated avionics). I had no clue what they looked like or how to point them out. He had me open a photo of the cockpit and explained exactly where those displays live.

My attempt at circling the RMUs in Photoshop.
My attempt at circling the RMUs in Photoshop.

Long story short, the Lear 45XR has Dual Mode S Transponders that are integrated into the Dual RMUs.

I learned something new – the streak continues!


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