Sam Campos

Sales Associate

Born and raised in the Rocket City (Huntsville, AL), Sam’s passion for anything that flies started at an early age. He attended Auburn University, where he participated in flight training, led the School of Aviation’s recruiting arm and managed safety operations for the competitive flying team. Sam earned a degree in Aviation Management and General Business, and remains involved with Auburn in promoting business aviation opportunities to students. 

Sam’s career in business aviation has spanned marketing, communications and market analytics. In his current role as a Sales Associate, he cultivates and facilitates transactions with first-time buyers, corporate flight departments and experienced owner-operators.

When not on the job, Sam continues to feed his passion for aviation through flying and attending air shows. Sam is also an avid outdoorsman, guitarist and enjoys spending time with his family and friends in his home-state of Alabama.
D +1 256 651 0199

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