Afnan Islam

Client Experience Consultant

Afnan was born and raised in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He has moved all over the world pursuing his education and career, including Malaysia, Canada and the United States. Afnan obtained his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology in 2017 and has experience working for the Embraer US headquarters in Melbourne, FL.

A foodie at heart, Afnan enjoys trying different cuisines, and combines his love of food with travel to experience new cultures and customs as often as possible. When not working and traveling, he enjoys running, watching sports, particularly soccer, and spending time with family and friends.

As the Client Experience Consultant at OGARAJETS, Afnan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the gap usually found between sales and sales support teams. He builds and maintains processes that help our team focus on the client’s best interests at every step of the project. The OGARA experience does not suddenly end with the completion of a transaction. Afnan sees that our ongoing support and attention to detail allow the relationships built during a transaction to last a life-time.
+1 647 906 8104

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