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Listing your pre-owned jet with OGARAJETS is the first step in seeing your aircraft presented to the most qualified audience of serious buyers around the world. Leveraging our powerful network of global contacts, we create the conversations and presentations that lead to a successful sale.

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Pre-Owned Jet Brokerage Sales

Advice Based on Fact, Not Fiction

When it comes to analyzing the pre-owned jet marketplace, and providing reliable advice, you can depend on OGARAJETS to provide accurate information about the market forces likely to impact both the selling price and the timeliness of the sale. We were pioneers among the broker/dealer community in collecting and analyzing business jet market data, and our research team is still the best in the business. We provide our clients with precise pricing models based on multiple time frames, which enables them to make the most informed decisions about their aviation assets.

A Multidimensional Approach to Business Jet Marketing

While the debate continues regarding the superiority of online versus printed communications, we believe our clients deserve both. When it comes to selling their business jets, we leave no stone unturned and leave nothing to chance. We’ve found that different buyers respond to different approaches. Accordingly, we cover all the bases, using measurable digital tools as well as sophisticated printed materials.

The result? We use the right approach to present your pre-owned jet to the true decision-makers in the format they prefer. Of course, all the marketing in the world will fall short if you don’t have an enthusiastic, energetic team like OGARAJETS working tirelessly to sell your aircraft.

Being Present with Your Aircraft at Key Phases of the Transaction

When you list your private jet for sale with OGARAJETS, you gain a dedicated partner that is personally present at every key stage of negotiation, at every showing and every inspection. While other brokers and dealers may rely on emails and phone calls, we believe your interests are best represented in person. No other company goes to greater lengths, expends more energy or invests more in the process of selling your business jet.

Proven Success in an Evolving Global Marketplace

The pre-owned jet market has been going through tremendous change, beyond even the periodic market cycles of recent years. In the current environment, new sources of data combined with global competition and global opportunities make for a more complex situation than ever before. We have successfully transacted business in Russia, China, India and more than 40 other countries. That means we can provide unsurpassed insight as you navigate international markets. We’ll help bring your aircraft to the attention of qualified, motivated buyers worldwide.

Attention to Detail

The sale of a pre-owned corporate jet is a complex financial and legal process. We have identified nearly 400 individual actions that have to be performed in order for a successful transaction to take place. From initial consultation on the state of the market, through inspections and document administration, to final closing, OGARAJETS manages these details with precision and keeps you informed at every step. We focus on selling your aircraft and defending your interests, while you and your flight department focus on your work.

Added Value

Occasionally, our clients ask us to take a more proactive approach to managing their aircraft until it is sold. In those situations we are ready to provide any additional services they may need, for no additional fee. Our team has the expertise to provide maintenance oversight, hangar storage, equipment upgrades, paint and interior refurbishment, insurance and crew support. We can also advise on which investments in a current aircraft make sense and which do not.

We are able to obtain front cover space on behalf of our clients in the leading aviation publications including World Aircraft Sales and Executive Controller, in order to increase the visibility of the aircraft listed with us. To view a sample of the magazine covers where our clients have been featured, please visit the Resources page.

In the event you need a referral to a trusted service provider or direct project management for an aircraft at our Atlanta facilities, we are here to help. Whatever your needs during the transition between aircraft, you will experience the flexible concierge-level service that has made OGARAJETS the partner of choice of owners and operators around the world.

To learn more about OGARAJETS’ distinctive approach to aircraft sales and marketing, or for an initial consultation regarding the sale of your aircraft, contact us at +1 770 955 3554 or email us at .

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