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OGARAJETS has been fostering confident decisions by private jet buyers since 1980. Taking the time to fully understand each client's unique travel requirements, OGARAJETS identifies the right aircraft for the mission and then pursues only the best opportunities resulting in a successful acquisition.

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Business Jet Acquisitions

An Operational Perspective Unique Among Brokers and Dealers

OGARAJETS has purchased, owned and operated numerous pre-owned executive jets. This gives us a firsthand, operational perspective that most brokers and dealers cannot offer. We also work closely with flight departments around the world, keeping an eye on the performance of the various aircraft they operate. This gives us real-world insights into the relative strengths and the performance characteristics of a wide range of business jets from manufacturers including: Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault Falcon and Hawker Beech.

We are experts in helping our clients narrow the search for the best new or used corporate jets to fit their mission. The process begins with our technical team, headed by VP of Technical Services Matt Huff, taking the time to study your travel habits and requirements. We identify all the possible makes and models that fit your mission, and then perform a rigorous evaluation of all potential aircraft being considered. Because of our network of industry relationships, we have advance knowledge of premium aircraft that have yet to enter the resale market. This gives our clients an advance position on finding the best aircraft available, not just what’s listed for sale.

Once the short list of candidate aircraft is made, we begin multiple onsite reviews of each jet’s maintenance records and log books, and then participate in all test flights, inspections and other crucial events. Matt must be thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the aircraft before it is presented as a serious candidate for a client’s consideration. Because we value your time, we only introduce aircraft for review that have passed our rigorous standards.

Effective Negotiation for Optimal Outcomes

OGARAJETS is known around the world as a strong advocate for its clients, and our knowledge, preparation and professionalism give us a distinct advantage when purchasing pre-owned jets on behalf of our clients. We enjoy a reputation for maintaining the highest ethical standards and are also known for vigorously representing our clients’ interests throughout the negotiation process. The aviation community knows that our word is true; we negotiate only in good faith and our commitments can be trusted. This gives every OGARAJETS client a significant advantage at the negotiating table.

Looking at the Big Picture Leads to Big Savings

Because we have purchased, operated and sold so many aircraft ourselves, we are uniquely equipped to offer sound advice about the total cost of ownership of any new or used jet you are considering for purchase. Our experience can save our clients hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars at the time of purchase and throughout the utilization of the aircraft. When you purchase an aircraft through OGARAJETS, you get more than a business jet—you get a private aviation solution.

The Closing is Just the Beginning

As an OGARAJETS client, you will enjoy an ongoing relationship and a wide range of advisory services long after the transaction is completed. Your purchase of a new or pre-owned business jet is the foundation for a lifetime commitment. At OGARAJETS, we want to help you maximize the use of your aircraft for years to come. Our aircraft acquisitions clients know they can contact us at any time for advice, or for referrals to additional services that will help them get the most out of their new aircraft.


In the course of purchasing an aircraft, you may require assistance in securing a hangar in which to store it before it is flown to your base of operations. Additionally you may need temporary crewing, maintenance, catering and other services until it is placed in your own fleet. Because of our extensive operational experience and wide network of service providers, we can be sure you have all the support services you may need, for no additional fee beyond out-of-pocket costs. If you ever need a referral to a trusted service provider of any kind, we are here to help. Whatever your needs during the transition between aircraft, you will experience the renowned concierge-level service that has made OGARAJETS the partner of choice of owners and operators around the world.

To learn more about OGARAJETS’ distinctive approach to private jet sales and acquisitions, or for an initial consultation regarding the sale of your aircraft, contact us at +1 770 955 3554 or email us at .

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