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More than just an aircraft brokerage firm, OGARAJETS is an inventorying dealer that owns and operates its own aircraft. This firsthand operational experience enables us to provide clients with the most reliable advice when it comes to buying or selling an aircraft.

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Business Jet Sales and Acquisition Services

Over its history, OGARAJETS has overseen $4 billion in new and pre-owned aircraft transactions, and has worked with clients and partners in 50 countries. As an inventorying dealer for corporate jets—not merely a broker—OGARAJETS has a unique ownership perspective that benefits its clients. OGARAJETS is able to expertly evaluate operational and performance issues and provide insight on the true, total cost of aircraft ownership. OGARAJETS also has the financial strength to purchase trade-in aircraft—often a key factor in facilitating a transaction.

So whether you are purchasing a new or pre-owned business jet, or just beginning the process of bringing an aircraft to market, the best first step is to talk with OGARAJETS. We can provide insight into both the domestic and global markets, enabling you to make the most confident, informed decision possible about the purchase or sale of an aircraft.

Expertise Borne of Experience

Our expertise goes far beyond buying and selling private and business jets. We have decades of operational expertise and have owned and managed a wide range of business jets. This real-world experience helps us understand the operational issues you face as an aircraft owner. It enables us to help you maximize the use of your executive aircraft, reach your business objectives and create the lifestyle you desire.

Data-Driven Decisions

At OGARAJETS, we pioneered the art of collecting and analyzing pre-owned aircraft market data. This gives us the ability to offer our clients wisdom, not just information. For serious aircraft buyers and sellers looking to make a change in their current business aircraft, OGARAJETS’ professional service and expertise will foster confidence in making the right decisions for today and for years down the road. Our reputation for precision in analyzing data and our straightforward, transparent way of doing business has fueled our success as a business.

Lifetime Commitment

When you become an OGARAJETS client, you can be confident of our lifetime commitment to help you get the most out of your aircraft. When you close on a contract, that is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship. We continue to advise our clients long after the purchase or sale of their aircraft. Our operational expertise enables us to provide our clients with ideas and advice on how to best utilize their private jets.

To learn more about OGARAJETS’ distinctive approach to new and used jet sales and business jet acquisitions, contact us at +1 770 955 3554 or email us at .

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