OGARAJETS Introduces Five-1-Five Approach for Aircraft Transaction Management

OGARAJETS, an established global company offering comprehensive, concierge-level service for aircraft acquisitions and sales, today officially launched its branded Five-1-Five Approach for aircraft transaction management.

“We’ve often found it hard to communicate the true value―both tangible and intangible―that OGARAJETS brings to the aircraft transaction experience to anyone who hasn’t partnered with us before,” said Johnny Foster, president and CEO, OGARAJETS. “We’re excited to introduce our branded Five-1-Five Approach, coinciding with the refresh of our website, to better communicate that value to prospective clients and partners. While this actually isn’t anything new for us―just our standard operating procedure―we do hope it helps reinforce our commitment to map out the buyer’s and seller’s journey with an unmatched experience in navigating the bumpy roads of aircraft transactions.”

OGARAJETS’ Five-1-Five Approach is proven to assure clients avoid significant pitfalls within any one of the five critical areas that could potentially cost them more than five times their investment in their service fees.

For aircraft buyers, those five critical areas are
Mission Analysis
Data Analytics
Due Diligence

For aircraft sellers, the top-five key areas are:
Aircraft Audit
Data Analytics
Tailored Marketing
Pre-Sale Due Diligence

Buying and selling a private aircraft represents a significant investment in time, money, energy and industry knowledge. It’s considerably more complex than people think―even for those with backgrounds in finance and aviation―where one mistake can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. OGARAJETS has built a superlative team of aviation veterans and experts, with more than 200 years of combined industry experience, who apply their knowledge to specialty areas that directly impact aircraft transactions, from contract negotiation and administration to project management, to technical support and innovative marketing techniques.

“Whether buying or selling an aircraft, OGARAJETS offers its clients an unparalleled level of trust, transparency and confidence that is all too rare in business today,” said Foster. “Since its founding, OGARAJETS has been recognized by colleagues and competitors alike for its integrity and its customer-first attitude. This legacy remains a guiding principle that is evidenced in all we do and experienced by every OGARAJETS client.”

Media Contact:
Suzanne Moccia
Carabiner Communications

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