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Aircraft Completions Management

We begin with helping you define your vision for the refurbished aircraft and then, working together with the completions center selected for the project, we can advise and assist you through all stages of the project. We serve as your advocate throughout the process, beginning with the design and review of drawings, engineering diagrams and materials selection. If needed, the OGARAJETS technical team can sign-off on all phases on your behalf, serving as your representative, maintaining accountability with all the service providers involved.

We monitor the completions center’s work to assure that schedules, budgets, inspections and other details are being fully addressed. We work with you to complete the final acceptance and delivery of the refurbished aircraft.

Whether you are looking to reinvest in your current aircraft, prepare your executive jet for sale, or refurbish a pre-owned jet, we can provide objective advice and introduce you to our network of providers. Contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your aircraft management options at +1 770 955 3554 or email us at sales@ogarajets.com.