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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Aircraft Broker When Buying or Selling a Private Jet

A roundtable discussion with the OGARAJETS leadership team. 1.Data and Knowing the Aviation Market Johnny Foster: As more and more data becomes available, buyer and seller expectations increase exponentially. The once simple task of “knowing” the market has become incredibly complex.

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“Shooting” A Moving Target

I occasionally hear the aviation industry compared to realty or automotive industries. I’ve seen some similarities – they are large ticket items that require contracts, financing, due diligence, etc. However, when it comes to the marketing of these unique things

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The Transponders Are Hiding Where?

“What type of Mode S Transponder does Lear 45XR, serial 289 have?” I asked. “Like I’ve been saying, it’s an integrated avionics suite,” Matt responds. “Okay… How do I show that? Which is a not-so-savvy way of conveying I have

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