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Third Generation of Foster Family Makes First Solo Flight

October 13, 2014

We’re celebrating a big event here at OGARAJETS!

Reese Foster, 17 year-old son of company President & CEO Johnny Foster, flew his first solo flight. After ground school and 12 hours of student flying, Reese completed his solo in a 1965 Cessna 172F at Fulton County Airport in Atlanta. Like all solos, Reese’s flight consisted of three takeoffs, each with full stop landings. The young Foster will need another 30 hours to complete his Private Pilot License (PPL).


Reese Solo Flight

“Reese has always had a passion for flying,” said Johnny. “Dad (John Foster) and I are incredibly proud to welcome a third generation pilot to the family!”

Johnny and Reese have logged a lot of time flying together. They were featured in a World Aircraft Sales magazine article in 2008 that covered their time flying the family’s Legend Cub, N404PC. Reese, because of the family’s involvement with business jets, was no stranger to aviation, the article noted.

“He first attended NBAA when he was only a month old,” said Johnny. “He hung out in his baby carrier under the wing of a Citation, a pattern repeated for the next several years, attending six NBAA conventions by age five.”

Johnny and Reese 2008 with Cub

Reese and dad Johnny with the Cub, 2008

Reese has also enjoyed extensive time flying with his grandfather, John Foster III, co-founder of OGARAJETS. John flew F-8s off carriers for the U.S. Navy in Vietnam, and is still an active pilot. Seated up front in the company’s various jets over the years, Reese has had the opportunity to experience flight in a diverse range of aircraft.

“OGARAJETS is by very definition a family company,” noted Johnny. “We work with some of the largest corporations in the world. But those discriminating clients come to us specifically for the comfort and confidence that only a closely-knit family company can provide. So seeing yet another generation of the family earning his wings is a real joy and part of a great heritage.”

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