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Gulfstream Factory Warranties

RRCC / MSP APU / PlaneParts

Sleeping Accommodations for Six

High Speed Data

Gulfstream Planeview II Flight Deck

Enhanced Vision System

2015 Gulfstream G650ER, S/N 6156


1827 Hours Since New
638 Landings Since New
CMP Maintenance Tracking Program
Gulfstream Warranties through May 2021
Gulfstream PlaneParts Program


103,600 Lbs Max Take-Off Weight
83,500 Lbs Max Landing Weight
53,077 Lbs Basic Empty Weight
74,900 Lbs Weight Limitation – ASC-026
90,000 Lbs Weight Limitation – ASC-027
100,000 Lbs Maximum Ramp Gross Weight /
99,600 Lbs Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight – ASC-029


RollsRoyce BR 725-A1-12 Engines
RollsRoyce Corporate Care Program

LE SN 25447
1817 Hours Since New
634 Cycles Since New

RE SN 25448
1817 Hours Since New
634 Cycles Since New


Honeywell RE220
Honeywell MSP APU Program
P-268 APU Serial Number
1076 Hours Since New

PlaneViewTM II Cockpit:
Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System
Rockwell Collins Head-Up Display
Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display
ACARS System w/ Satellite Comms Link & Cockpit Printer
PlaneView II Avionics Enhancement – ASC-038A
PlaneView II Master Operating System
Software Update – ASC-902A
Flight Control Computer Software
Upgrade 6.24 – ASC-037
Three VHF Navigation Systems
Three VHF Communication Systems
Triple-Frequency Emergency Locator Transmitter
Dual 24-Channel Global Positioning Systems
Traffic Collision Avoidance System
Enhanced GPWS w/ Predictive Windshear (ASC-007)
Cockpit Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS)
Three Planebook Electronic Manual Suite
Data Subscriptions


Runway Awareness Advisory System – ASC-005
Lightning Sensor System – ASC-006
BBML KU Band Internet
(High Speed Data Software Upgrade – CB-76B)
Swift Broadband Internet
Cabin Electric Pocket Doors at Fwd & Mid cabin
ADS-B Out Compliant
TOLD Database Enabled
SecuraPlane 500 System Installed
Aircraft Health Trend Monitoring System (Cell
Phone Data Transmission Option – ASC-004
Autobrake System – ASC-55B
Main Landing Gear and Brake Assembly
Modification – ASC-084A

New 2015


3 Crew + 16 Passengers
Custom Floor Plan w/ Enhanced Soundproofing
Fwd Cabin: Four (4) Single Club Chairs
Mid Cabin: Four (4) Place Conference Group w/
Opposing 3 Place Divan Aft Cabin State Room: Three (3) Place Divan w/
Opposing 2 Single Club Chairs


High Temp Oven
Microwave Oven
Iccabucci Coffee and Espresso Maker
Vestibule and Galley
GCMS touch screen controllers


Two (2) BluRay/DVD Players (multi regional) w/ Dual 160GB Internal Hard Drives
26” LCD Monitor In Fwd Right Bulkhead
26” LCD Monitor in Aft Right Bulkhead
Five 12” LCD Individual Seat Monitors
17” LCD Monitor in Crew Rest Area
Three (3) External Cameras
60hz power system


Aft Lavatory Door Enhancement
Program – MP 16-6504


Fully Flat Bed (With Mattress)
Pocket Door
17” LCD Monitor
Electric Table and Component Audio/Visual Input
Note: FAA 135 12hr Compliant Crew Rest Area In Aft Cabin State Room


New 2015
Matterhorn White Fuselage & Upper Wings, Aztec Silver Lower Wings with ARC Blue Pearl & Sky Blue Pearl Horizontal Stripes, & Aztec Silver Pearl Engines

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