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EASy II Reservation - June 2015

Dassault FalconCare

Pratt & Whitney ESP Gold Coverage

Honeywell APU MSP Gold Coverage

1A, 2A, 3A, 1A+, 2A+, 4A+, Z, &
1C Inspections c/w Oct 2014

New Soft Goods in 2013

SOLD - 2008 Falcon 2000LX, S/N 154


2155 Hours Since New
1279 Landings Since New
CAMP Maintenance Tracking Program
Former EU-OPS1
Dassault FalconCare Program (Rates Available Upon Request)
EASy II Reservation – June 2015

Enhanced Avionics System (EASY) II Upgrade by Dassault FalconJet
Enhanced Flight Vision System Image Quality Enhancement
1A+ Inspection c/w June 2015 by Dassault FalconJet ILG

25,600 Lbs Basic Operating Weight
24,078 Lbs Basic Empty Weight
42,800 Lbs Max Take-Off Weight

Pratt & Whitney PW 308C Engines
ESP Gold Coverage (Est 2015 Rate – $293/eng/hr)

2155 Hours Since New
1279 Cycles Since New

2155 Hours Since New
1279 Cycles Since New

Honeywell GTCP36-150
Honeywell MSP Gold – (Est. 2014 Rate – $93 per APU Hr)
1181 Hours Since New
P-517 Serial Number

Honeywell EASy Avionics Suite
Honeywell Electronic Jeppesen Charts
Honeywell Four-Tube Flight Display System
CMC2600 SureSight Enhance Flight Vision System
Honeywell Primus 880 Weather Radar
Triple Honeywell TR-866B VHF w/ AFIS Mode
Triple AV-900 Control Panels
Dual Honeywell NV-875A
Honeywell DM-855 Distance Measuring Equipment
Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeter
Honeywell DF-855 Automatic Direction Finder
Honeywell LASEREF V
Collins HF 9000 w/ SELCAL
Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
ACSS TCAS 3000 Traffic Collision Avoidance System
SmartRunway – Previously Known as RAAS
Enhanced Nav – WAAS/LBV Capability in Conjunction w/ SB 300
ADS-B Out Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast
Triple Honeywell FMS Flight Management System w/ 7.1 Software Upgrade
Honeywell GPS

Artex ADT-406 ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
Honeywell SSCVR Cockpit Voice Recorder (120 Minutes)
Honeywell SSFDR Flight Data Recorder
Collins Airshow 4000 w/ Audio Briefing
Audio International Cabin Entertainment System
EROS Full Face Oxygen Masks
Securaplane Video Cameras
Flight Dynamics HGS-4860 Head’s Up Display
Dual CMA-1100 Electronic Flight Bag

Completion Details
New 2008
New Soft Goods in 2013

Seating Details
3 Crew + 10 Passengers
Forward Four-Place Club
Aft Two-Place Club Opposite Conference Seating Group
Crewmember Jumpseat

Finishing Details
Royal Hide Caramel Leather Seating
Caramel Harmony Carpet
Birdseye Maple Wood Veneer
Polished Champagne Metal Plating

Cabin Amenities
Two 20” LCD Monitors
Four 8.4” Rosen LCD Plug-In Monitors
Dual DVD Players
220 VAC 50HZ Converter Power

High Temperature Oven
Nespresso Coffee Machine

New 2013
Overall White w/ Blue and Green Accent Stripes

The Preceding Preliminary Information Is For Discussion Purposes Only, Is Subject To Verification By Purchaser, Is Subject To Change Without Notice, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records. Aircraft Is Offered Subject To Prior Sale Or Withdrawal From Market.

Estimated Range
NBAA/IFR 4000+ Nautical Miles
Estimated Cruise Speeds
Maximum .87 Mach
Normal .80 Mach
Long-Range .76 Mach
Certified Maximum 47,000 Feet
Balanced Field Length
MGTOW, SL, ISA 5760 Feet
Average Weights
Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW) 40,900 Pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 40,700 Pounds
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) 38,300 Pounds
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) 29,700 Pounds
Est. BOW (Crew+Provisions) 23,000 Pounds
Fuel Capacity 15,970 Pounds
Useful Load 17,900 Pounds
Maximum Payload with No Fuel 6,700 Pounds
Max Payload (Pax/Cargo+Full Fuel) 1,930 Pounds
Inspection Schedule
Periodic Inspections 300 Hours
Calendar Inspections 6 Months
Cabin Dimensions
Height 6.1 Feet
Width 7.7 Feet
Length 31.0 Feet
Volume 1024 Cubic Feet
Baggage Areas
Internal (Standard) 1600 Lbs
External (Optional) 525 Lbs
Total 2125 Lbs

The Preceding Information Is General Performance Data Relative To This Make And Model, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Individual Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records.