+1 770 955 3554

Excellent Lease Opportunity

New Paint and Extensive Interior Refurbishments

Fresh Maintenance

Low Time / Excellent Pedigree

MSP Gold / Structural Warranty Remains

GoGo Biz High Speed Internet

SOLD - 2004 Falcon 2000, S/N 219


3954 Hours Since New
1940 Landings Since New
CAMP Maintenance Tracking Program
Primary Structure Warranty Through April 2015

Empty Weight – 22266 Lbs
Basic Operating Weight – 23123 Lbs
Max Gross Weight – 36500 Lbs

On the OCIP Program Since August 2008
1C Inspection c/w April 2011, Next Due April 2017

Honeywell CFE738-1-1B
Honeywell MSP Gold Engine Program (Est. 2014 Rate $418/Eng/Hr)
5000-Hour Overhaul Interval (TBO)
2500-Hour Hot Section Inspection Interval

LE SN P105575
3893 Hours Since New
1933 Cycles Since New

RE SN P-105577
3893 Hours Since New
1933 Cycles Since New

Honeywell GTCP-150FM
Honeywell MSP Gold Maintenance Program (Est. 2014 Rate $112/Hr)
Serial Number P-395
1585 Hours Since New
2992 Cycles Since New

Collins ProLine 4
Collins EFIS-4000 (2 PFD / 2 MFD v.6.1)
Triple Thales EIED
Honeywell VHF AFIS
Dual Collins VHF-422C VHF Comm w/ 8.33 kHz Channel Spacing
Honeywell CVR
Honeywell 88 Parameter FDR
Dual Collins DME-442 DME
Collins APS-4000 Flight Director
Honeywell MK-V EGPWS
Collins TWR-850 WX Radar
Dual Collins HF-9000 HF Radios
Dual Collins RTU-4220
Dual Honeywell LASEREF IV IRS
Dual Collins TDR-94D Transponder (Mode S)
Collins TCAS-4000 TCAS
Collins AHC-85E AHRS
Dual Collins VIR-432 Navs
Collins ALT-55B Radio Altimeter
Dual Collins ADC-850C Air Data
Collins DBU-4100 w/ PCD-3000 Data Loader
Dual Collins FMS-6100 FMS

Aircell Axxess II
ATG-4000 GoGo Biz High Speed Internet System (Wi-Fi Certified)
Pulse Lights
Meggit MK II Standby Electronic AI
3rd Crew Member Seat w/ Audio Provisions
Dual Davtron M877 Clocks
115 Cu. Ft. Oxygen Bottle
Airshow Genesys

New Dec 2014 – Underway at West Star Grand Junction

Detailed Interior Refurbishment Includes
New 100% Wool Carpeting In The Cockpit Through Lavatory
Four (4) Forward Club Group Cabin Seats, Aft Two (2) Single Seats, Double Conference Group Cabin Seats And Conference Table Pads Will Be Upholstered With Buff Tan Leather
Cabin Windowline Panels Will Be Upholstered With Ultra Leather.
Lower Sidewall Panels Will Be Upholstered With New Padding And Fabric
Lavatory Seat Cushions Will Be Upholstered With Leather
Entry Steps Will Be Covered With A New Ribbed Vinyl Airstair Material
Entry Door Perimeter Trim Panels Will Be Upholstered With Leather
New Crew Leather And Sheepskin Inserts W/ Shoulder Harness Assemblies Webbing
Jump Seat Will Be Upholstered With Buff Tan Leather And With Sheepskin Insert

Seating Details
3 Crew + 10 Passengers
Four-Place Fwd Club Seating
Aft, Four-Place Conference Seating Opposite Two-Place Club

Finishing Details
Buff Tan Leather Seating
Closed Loop, Multi-Colored Tan and Brown Carpeting
Light Brown Gumwood w/ High Finish Woodwork

Cabin Amenities
Two A/C Outlets Flight Deck (right and left)
14” Monitor On The L/H Fwd Bulkhead
Four Plug In 5.5” Monitors
Optional 5.5” Monitor In The Cockpit For The Airshow To Be Displayed On
Airshow Genesys Passenger In-Flight Information System

Convection Oven
Microwave Oven
Coffee Maker

Private Aft Lavatory
Mirrored Vanity and Sink

New 2014
Underway at West Star Grand Junction

Overall Matterhorn White w/ Concord Blue Metallic, Titanium Metallic, and Cumulus Gray Metallic Accent Stripes

The Preceding Preliminary Information Is For Discussion Purposes Only, Is Subject To Verification By Purchaser, Is Subject To Change Without Notice, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records. Aircraft Is Offered Subject To Prior Sale Or Withdrawal From Market.



NBAA/IFR 2900 Nautical Miles
VFR 3050 Nautical Miles
Cruise Speeds
Maximum .87 Mach
Normal .80 Mach
Long-Range .76 Mach
Normal 37,000-41,000 Feet
Direct Climb To 41,000 Feet
Certified Maximum 47,000 Feet
Rate Of Climb (MGTOW) 3730 Feet/Minute
Fuel Consumption At Normal Cruise Altitudes And Speeds
1st Hour 2400 Pounds
2nd Hour 1400 Pounds
3rd Hour 1300 Pounds
Each Hour Thereafter 1200 Pounds
Maximum Endurance 6:00 Hours
Avg Direct Operating Cost/Hour $1563
Balanced Field Length
MGTOW, SL, ISA 5150 Feet
Average Weights
Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW) 36,700 Pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 36,500 Pounds
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) 34,500 Pounds
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) 28,660 Pounds
Avg BOW (Crew+Provisions) 23,084 Pounds
Fuel Capacity 12,155 Pounds
Useful Load 13,616 Pounds
Maximum Payload with No Fuel 5,576 Pounds
Max Payload (Pax/Cargo+Full Fuel) 1,461 Pounds
Inspection Schedule
Periodic Inspections 300-Hour Intervals
Calendar Inspections 6-Month Intervals
Cabin Dimensions
Height 6.2 Feet
Width 7.7 Feet
Length 31.0 Feet
Volume 1024 Cubic Feet
Baggage Areas
Internal 1600 Lbs
External 525 Lbs
Total 2125 Lbs


The Preceding Information Is General Performance Data Relative To This Make And Model, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Individual Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records.