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SOLD - 2004 Citation XLS, S/N 560-5527


4851 Hours Since New
3212 Landings Since New
CESCOM Maintenance Tracking Program
Textron ProParts Coverage

20,000 Lbs Max Take-Off Weight
12,893 lbs Basic Operating Weight
12,393 Lbs Basic Empty Weight
6,740 Lbs Max Fuel Capacity
5,307 Lbs/822 Gals Fuel w/ Seats Full
367 Lbs Payload w/ Full Fuel

Pratt & Whitney PW545B
Power Advantage + Engine Program
2500 Hour Hot Section Inspection Interval
5000 Hour Overhaul Interval (TBO)

(E1) LE SN DD0055
4851 Hours Since New
3197 Cycles Since New

(E2) RE SN DD0054
4851 Hours Since New
3197 Cycles Since New

Honeywell RE100XL APU
Aux Advantage
APU Serial Number P478
On condition Overhaul Interval (TBO)
1849 Hours Since New
2910 Cycles Since New

Honeywell Primus 1000 Integrated Avionics Suite
Triple Honeywell LCD Primary Flight Displays
Honeywell Primus II Avionics Suite w/
RMU-855 Radio Mgmt Units
Honeywell WU 880 Weather Radar
Dual Honeywell RCZ-851 Comm Modules w/ 8.33
Dual RNZ-850/-850B Navigation Modules
Dual Honeywell DM-850 Distance Measuring Modules
Dual Honeywell DF-850 Automatic Direction Finders
Dual Honeywell XS852 Integrated Mode S Txpdrs Modules
Dual Honeywell AZ-950 Air Data Computers
Dual Litef LCR-93 Attitude Heading Reference System
Safeflight Angle of Attack Indexer
L3 GH 3000 Secondary Flight Display
Universal TAWS, Class A
Honeywell TCAS II 67A w/ Change 7
Dual UNS-1Espw Flight Management System w/
Dual GPS Sensors + WAAS/LPV Enabled
WAAS Upgrade – SB560XL-34-60
ADS-B Out – STC ST01810WI

Artex C406-2 ELT
L3 Aviation FA-2100 CVR
Universal SSDTU Nav Data Transfer Unit
Teledyne Moving Map Software
Single 6.5” LCD Monitor on Fwd RH Bulkhead
Aircell ST-3400 Phone System
Cockpit AC Power Outlet

Continuous MSG-3 (Document) Inspections

Completion Details
Major Refurbishment 2018 by Textron ICT
Complete Woodwork Refinish
Complete New Carpet
All Seats Redyed

Seating Details
2 Crew + 9 Passengers
2 Seat Side-Facing Divan
4 Seat Club Seating
2 Fwd Facing Chairs
1 Side Facing, Belted Vanity Seat

Finishing Details
Townsend ‘Canvas’ Leather
‘Milkweed’ Ultrasuede Headliner
‘Flannel’ Brown Carpet
‘Figured Australian Walnut’ Wood Veneer & Trim
‘Satin Blush’ Gold Plating
Bronze Cabin Mirror

Cabin Amenities
Single 6.5” Monitors on Forward Cabin Bulkhead
Combination CD/DVD Player
3 Cabin AC 115v Power Outlets

Coffee/Hot Beverage Mapco Unit
Ice Bin

Aft Lavatory
Mirrored Vanity
Belted Side-Facing Seat
Hanging Storage

New 2013 by West Star Aviation
Overall Matterhorn White w/ Tropic Green, and Kelly Green Accent Stripes

The Preceding Preliminary Information Is For Discussion Purposes Only, Is Subject To Verification By Purchaser, Is Subject To Change Without Notice, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records. Aircraft Is Offered Subject To Prior Sale Or Withdrawal From Market.

NBAA/IFR 1800+ Nautical Miles
Cruise Speeds
Maximum 430 Knots
Normal 419 Knots
Long-Range 370 Knots
Normal 37,000 – 45,000 Feet
Certified Maximum 45,000 Feet
Rate Of Climb (MGTOW) 3,500 Feet/Minute
Fuel Consumption At Normal Cruise Altitudes And Speeds
1st Hour 1600 Pounds
2nd Hour 1400 Pounds
3rd Hour 1200 Pounds
Each Hour After 1100 Pounds
Balanced Field Length
MGTOW, Standard Day @ Sea Level 3,590 Feet
ISA @ Sea Level, 1000 NM, 4 Passengers (800 Lbs) 3,485 Feet
Avg DOC (Fuel @ $3.50/Gallon) $1,406/Hour
Average Weights
Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW) 20,200 Pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 20,000 Pounds
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) 18,700 Pounds
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) 15,000 Pounds
Avg BOW (Crew+Provisions) 12,280 Pounds
Useful Load 7,920 Pounds
Fuel Capacity 6,790 Pounds
Maximum Payload with No Fuel 2,720 Pounds
Max Payload (Pax/Cargo+Full Fuel) 1,130 Pounds
Inspection Schedule
Phase 1-4 Inspections 300 Hours / 24 Months
Phase 5 Inspection 1200 Hours / 36 Months
Cabin Dimensions
Height 5.7 Feet
Width 5.5 Feet
Length 18.5 Feet
Volume 461 Cubic Feet
Baggage Areas
Internal 10 Cubic Feet
External 80 Cubic Feet / 700 Pounds

The Preceding Information Is General Performance Data Relative To This Make And Model, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Individual Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records.