+1 770 955 3554

Aggressively Priced - $1,295,000

Delivery With Fresh Phase 1-5 Inspections

Delivery With Fresh Paint - November

Pristine Interior - Completed In 2010

SOLD - 1998 Citation Ultra, S/N 560-0470


6855 Hours Since New
5904 Landings Since New
FAR Part 135 Capable

9,542 Lbs – Basic Empty Weight

Delivery w/ Fresh Phase 1-5 Inspections
Boots Replaced 2012

Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5D
1750 Hour Hot Section Inspection Interval
3500 Hour Overhaul Interval (TBO)

6755 Hours Since New
5833 Cycles Since New

6732 Hours Since New
5829 Cycles Since New

Honeywell Primus 1000 Avionics Suite
Garmin MX20 MFD w/ Garmin GDL 69A XM Receiver, NEXRAD Weather, Maps, and Charts
SkyWatch 497 w/ Dual Displays
RM-855 Remote Management Unit
Dual Davtron Clocks
Third Comm – Ground Clearance
Dual Distance Measuring Equipment
Allied Signal GNS-XLS

Emergency Locator Transmitter
Lead Acid Battery
Cockpit Voice Recorder
Freon Air Conditioning w/ Dual Evaporators
Single-Point Refueling

Completion Details
New 2010 by Eagle Aviation

Seating Details
Two Crew + Seven Pax + Belted Lav

Finishing Details
Wheat Carpeting w/ Cream Leather Seating
Bronze Ribbon Mahogany Wood Finishing

Cabin Amenities
XM Radio w/ Receivers at Club Seats

Overall White w/ Navy and Gray Accent Stripes

The Preceding Preliminary Information Is For Discussion Purposes Only, Is Subject To Verification By Purchaser, Is Subject To Change Without Notice, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records. Aircraft Is Offered Subject To Prior Sale Or Withdrawal From Market.

NBAA/IFR 1,750 Nautical Miles
VFR 2,065 Nautical Miles
Cruise Speeds
Typical 415-432 Knots
Long-Range 372 Knots
Normal 37,000-41,000 Feet
Certified Maximum 45,000 Feet
Rate Of Climb (MGTOW) 4,230 Feet/Minute
Fuel Consumption At Normal Cruise Altitudes And Speeds
1st Hour 1500 Pounds
2nd Hour 1100 Pounds
3rd Hour 1100 Pounds
Each Hour Thereafter 7900 Pounds
Maximum Endurance 4:30 Hours
Avg DOC (Fuel @ $3.50/Gallon) $1406/Hour
Balanced Field Length
MGTOW, SL, ISA 3,180 Feet
MGTOW, 5000′, ISA+20°C 4,780 Feet
4 Pax, 1000 NM, SL, ISA 2,500 Feet
Average Weights
Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW) 16,500 pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 16,300 pounds
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) 15,200 pounds
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) 12,200 pounds
Average Basic Operating Weight 9,784 pounds
Fuel Capacity 5,771 pounds
Useful Load 6,716 Pounds
Maximum Payload with No Fuel 2,416 Pounds
Max Payload (Pax/Cargo+Full Fuel) 945 Pounds
Inspection Schedule
Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 Inspections 300 Hours/24 Months
Phase 5 Inspection 1200 Hours/36 Months
Cabin Dimensions
Height 4.8 Feet
Width 4.83 Feet
Length 17.33 Feet
Volume 292 Cubic Feet
Baggage Areas
Internal 26 Cu Ft / 600 Lbs
External (Nose & Tail) 41 Cu Ft / 850 Lbs
Total 67 Cu Ft / 1450 Lbs

The Preceding Information Is General Performance Data Relative To This Make And Model, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Individual Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records.