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SOLD - 2001 Challenger 604, S/N 5471


6596 Hours Since New
4097 Landings Since New
Bombardier Smart Parts Plus ($481 per Airframe Hour)
Main Door Entry (SB-604-52007, Rev 1) c/w Feb 2013
CAMP Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program


Hourly Inspections
400-Hour Inspection c/w @ 6585 TTAF – Next Due @ 6975 TTAF
800-Hour Inspection c/w @ 6585 TTAF – Next Due @ 7377 TTAF
1600-Hour Inspection c/w @ 5941 TTAF – Next Due @ 7514 TTAF
2400-Hour Inspection c/w @ 4458 TTAF – Next Due @ 6858 TTAF
3200-Hour Inspection c/w @ 6318 TTAF – Next Due @ 9483 TTAF
4800-Hour Inspection c/w @ 4458 TTAF – Next Due @ 9258 TTAF
6400-Hour Inspection c/w @ 6318 TTAF – Next Due @ 12718 TTAF

Monthly Inspections
12-Month Inspection c/w in Feb 2013 – Next Due Dec 2013
24-Month Inspection c/w in Feb 2013– Next Due Dec 2014
36-Month Inspection c/w in April 2010 – Next Due April 2013
48-Month Inspection c/w in Feb 2013 – Next Due Jan 2017
96-Month Inspection c/w in Mar 2009 – Next Due April 2017
192-Month Inspection Due in April 2017
Landing Gear Overhaul c/w in Mar 2009 – Next Due April 2017

General Electric CF-34-3B
GE On-Point ($192 per Engine per Hour)
On Condition Engines
Enhanced Auto Throttles

LE SN 872839
6596 Hours Since New
4104 Cycles Since New

RE SN 872840
6596 Hours Since New
4104 Cycles Since New

Honeywell GTCP 36-150 (SB 604-49-006)
Serial Number P-668C
5684 Hours Since New
2086 Hours Since Upgrade To -150

Collins Pro Line 4 Avionics Suite
Collins 6-Tube EFIS Electronic Flight Instrument Display
Collins FCC-4006 IFIC Auto Pilot
CMC Electronic CMA-1000 Class II Electronic Flight Bag EFB System w/Heads-Up Technologies XM Weather System
Dual Collins RTU-4220 Integrated Radio Tuning Units
Dual Collins VHF Communication Transceivers w/ 8.33 Spacing
Dual Collins VIR-432 Navigation Transceivers
Dual Collins DME 442 Distance Measuring System
Dual Collins ADF-462 Automatic Direction Finder
Dual Collins TDR-94D Mode S Trans w/ Enhanced Surveillance (SB 604-34-040)
Collins DBU-5000 Data Base Unit (Upgraded in 2008)
Dual Collins HF-903A High Frequency Radios w/ SELCAL
Dual Collins ALT-55B Radio Altimeter
Honeywell Mark V EGPWS Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
Collins TCAS II Traffic Collision Awareness System With Change 7
Dual Collins FMS-6000 Flight Management System With Software Version 3.3.1 (SB
604-34-050), 3-D Maps / Long-Range Cruise Installation (SB 604-34-033), And
Dual 12-Channel GPS-4000 Global Positioning System
Triple Litton LTN-101 IRUs
BF Goodrich Aerospace GH-3000 Electronic Standby Instrument System

Artex C406-1 ELT Emergency Locater Transmitter (Upgraded in 2010)
FDR Flight Data Recorder
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
Cockpit Sunvisor
115-Volt Electrical Outlet in Flight Deck
Dual Safe Flight Enhanced Auto Throttles
Satellite Communications System
Airshow Genesys In-Flight Passenger Information System
Universal Aero I TT-5000 3-Channel SATCOM

Completion Details
New 2008

Seating Details
3 Crew Members + 10 Passengers
Forward Four-Place Club Seating Group
Aft Four-Place Divan Opposite Two Club Chairs

Forward Galley Equipped For Full Meal Preparation
S-Style Galley
MAPCO Coffee Maker
Water System
Catering Shelves
Ample Storage

Belted Private Aft Lavatory Seat And Dressing Room
Lighted Mirror, Vanity, Sink & Toilet
Numerous Storage Spaces
In-Flight Access To Aft Baggage Room

Audio/Visual System
Forward & Aft LCD Monitors
DVD & CD Players
Airshow Genesys Passenger In-Flight Information System
Satellite Communication System With Four Handsets
Other Cabin Amenities
Executive Writing & Dining Tables
115-Volt Electrical Outlet System
Hanging And Storage Closets
In-Flight Accessible Aft Baggage
External Baggage Compartment

New 2008
Overall Matterhorn White With Black And Red Accent Stripes

The Preceding Preliminary Information Is For Discussion Purposes Only, Is Subject To Verification By Purchaser, Is Subject To Change Without Notice, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records. Aircraft Is Offered Subject To Prior Sale Or Withdrawal From Market.

NBAA/IFR 4000 Nautical Miles
Cruise Speeds
Maximum 476 Knots
Normal 459 Knots
Long-Range 436 Knots
Normal 38,000-41,000 Feet
Certified Maximum 41,000 Feet
Rate Of Climb (MGTOW) 4345 Feet/Minute
Fuel Consumption At Normal Cruise Altitudes And Speeds
1st Hour 3000 Pounds
Each Hour Thereafter 2000 Pounds
Maximum Endurance 8.5 Hours
Avg DOC (Fuel @ $3.50/Gallon) $1945
Average Weights
Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW) 48,300 Pounds
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 48,200 Pounds
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) 38,000 Pounds
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) 32,000 Pounds
Basic Operating Weight (BOW) (w/Crew/Provisions) 27,731 Pounds
Useful Load 20,569 Pounds
Fuel Capacity 20,000 Pounds
Maximum Payload With No Fuel 4,269 Pounds
Maximum Payload (Pax / Cargo) (w/Full Fuel) 569 Pounds
Inspection Schedule
Periodic Inspections 400/800/1600/2400/3200/4800/6400 Hours
Calendar Inspections 6/12/24/36/48/96 Months
Cabin Dimensions
Height 6.08 Feet
Width / Centerline 8.17 Feet
Length 28.41 Feet
Volume 1150 Cubic Feet
Baggage Areas
Internal 115 Cubic Feet

The Preceding Information Is General Performance Data Relative To This Make And Model, And Is Not To Be Considered A Representation Of This Individual Aircraft. Interested Parties Should Rely Upon Their Own Inspection Of The Aircraft And Its Records.