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Our clients' success matters most to us. With 30+ years in the aviation business, we are part of many fruitful relationships. Our clients' feedback is evidence of the unparalleled service we provide at OGARAJETS. See what our clients are saying about us.

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The proof of our success in helping our clients is the many expressions of gratitude we receive. If you are considering OGARAJETS as your professional representative in the private and business jet marketplace, please read some of the things our clients say about us – then give us a call.

We look forward to discussing the opportunities and challenges before you in the executive jet marketplace. We will present your aircraft in the best way to the right audience; and help you purchase a new or pre-owned jet under the most advantageous terms.

“The new airplane is simply fabulous! Just love it! Your services were outstanding and I look forward to recommending you to anyone I know who might be interested in buying an airplane. The professionalism in which you handled all of the various participants in this process was tops!”
-President/CEO, International Engineering Firm

“The entire process was very professionally managed and handled and I would not hesitate to use you again in the future.”
-CEO, Major US Manufacturer

“Thank you for your great support and professionalism!!”
-Director, Corporate Aviation

“Many thanks for your professionalism and practical approach throughout this transaction.”
-VP & General Counsel, Major Manufacturer

“OGARAJETS’ reputation for dealing with only high quality aircraft precedes them.”
-Aircraft Management Company President

“Experts in purchasing aircraft.”
-Aircraft Management Company President

“They have vast contacts and a thorough knowledge of the maintenance and refurbishment fields.”
-Aircraft Management Company President

“We are thrilled with our first Gulfstream.”
-Aircraft Management Company President

“OGARAJETS showed us how to get a substantially higher trade-in value than offered by the manufacturer.”
-Chief Pilot

“With OGARAJETS in charge of the sale, we continued operating the 700A until delivery of the 800XP, without interrupting our flight activities.”
-Chief Pilot

“We couldn’t ask for a simpler solution to what we thought was going to be a complicated problem.”
-Chief Pilot

“They have supported our flight operations during heavy periods of utilization and maintenance down times by leasing us Gulfstreams.”
-Fortune 500 Director of Aviation

“By relying on OGARAJETS’ expertise, we stay focused on flying, not buying and selling.”
-Fortune 500 Director of Aviation

“Their work is consistently professional and confidential.”
-Fortune 500 Director of Aviation

“They assisted us in acquiring a late model aircraft well below its market value.”
-Chief Pilot

“OGARAJETS plays an important role in our flight department.”
-Chief Pilot

“I knew I could rely on the expert team at OGARAJETS – and you proved me right.”
-Aircraft Owner

“OGARAJETS paid attention to all the details, looked out for my best interests, and brought in a team of experts to assist with aircraft management.”
-Aircraft Owner

“Thanks for being so proactive and ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience!”
-Aircraft Owner

“Nothing is more consistent than the integrity and friendship of the OGARAJETS group.”
-VP of OEM Sales Division

“My experience with OGARAJETS is reflective of years of experience, high standards, and an excellent reputation in the industry.”
-Chief Pilot

“We seek to partner with the best in the business and OGARAJETS certainly meets that standard.”
-Fortune 500 Company Managing Director

“It was a pleasure working with OGARAJETS. You exceeded my client’s expectations, and mine, at every turn.”
-FBO Chain President

“I wish all transactions could move as timely and efficiently as this one did.”
-President & Founder of Aviation Consulting Firm

“It is a pleasure to recommend people who consistently bring high standards of expertise and professionalism to deals.”
-Client’s Legal Counsel