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Since its founding in 1980, OGARAJETS has been a leading contributor to the improvement of the the aviation community. Our leadership in setting professional and ethical standards within the pre-owned jet broker/dealer community has benefitted the entire industry.

Industry Involvement

NARA-logo-lg The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) OGARAJETS is a founding member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA), a professional trade association made up of firms that specialize in aircraft sales and brokerage.  The Association was organized for the specific purpose of promoting a consistently high set of ethical standards in buying and selling business aircraft and to communicate those standards to the marketplace.

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) OGARAJETS is a long-time member of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).  For more than 60 years, the business aviation community has looked to NBAA as a leader in enhancing safety and security, shaping public policy, providing world-renowned industry events and advancing the business goals of 8,000 Member Companies worldwide.

The Georgia Business Aviation Association OGARAJETS is an active member of the Georgia Business Aviation Association (GBAA). The organization’s mission is to promote the aviation interest of companies, in the state of Georgia, operating aircraft as an aid to the conduct of their business; to foster among them the highest degree of operational efficiency and safety; to bring Members into closer personal and friendly relations with each other, to interchange ideas on operational matters; to advance and maintain an enlightened understanding on the part of the government and airport authorities of member problems; to take such steps as proper and necessary in order to promote better relations and secure proper advantage from regulatory and other agencies, and by these means to attain wider recognition of the fact that business aviation is of primary importance to the economy of the nation.

The National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA) OGARAJETS is a proud member of the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA), a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the general welfare of individuals and organizations providing aircraft financing and loans secured by aircraft; to improving the industry’s service to the public; and to working with government agencies to foster a greater understanding of members’ needs.

OGARAJETS helped us acquire
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